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Real-time knowledge of and direct access to commodities markets gives FAMCe a unique competitive purchasing advantage. Preferential access to buyers who value product components and recycled commodities allows us to offer our customers consistently higher wholesale prices for usable components harvested from end-of-life electronics and valuable base commodities used in electronic product manufacturing.

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Located At:

1484 Atlanta Industrial Way NW, Suite B,
Atlanta, GA 30331

Liability Risks Minimized

FAMCe knows the value of understanding of how to properly handle electronics recycling.

The FAMCe team undergoes continual extensive training to ensure a deep understanding of and appreciation for proper electronic component recycling methods, protocols, and record-keeping. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to guarantee risk-managed recycling in our fully-controlled recycling facilities.

Why recycle electronics with FAMCe?

At FAMCe, we are able to maximize your electronic assets at every stage of product life, all under one roof. The FAMCe advantages include:

Services suited to remedy any product condition
Unique competitive purchasing advantage
Revenue sharing opportunities
Asset management reporting
Certified data destruction


Transportation and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics 

FAMCe assists our customers in transporting their end-of-life electronics. Our logistics services include modes of transportation capable of accommodating virtually any need anywhere, in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Asset Management

Companies need information to make business decisions about end of life products, some have high-risk sensitivity due to regulatory considerations. FAMCe provides the needed information enabling business to make the right decisions reducing cost and potential liability.

Data Management

Data Management

We value the security and protection of our customers! FAMCe provides secure data destruction services for sensitive or confidential information stored on disposed electronics.

Electronic Resale


FAMCe knows that many electronics and devices are more valuable in their original state. If reselling an electronic device is an option, FAMCe will actively look for markets and potential buyers that value the electronics in their original built state. Best of all, we share the revenue from the resale with our customers!

Parts Harvesting

Parts Harvesting

Many companies require parts to be harvested from an end-of-life devices to be made available  for service and warranty repairs and in the manufacturing of new devices. FAMCe has the expertise to properly harvest and package these parts so our customers can access this valuable secondary source of support parts.

Certified Destruction

Certified Destruction

Companies with proprietary device elements may require the guaranteed destruction of their products.

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